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My name is Emmet Leahy and I work in the IT field to pay the bills. In the evenings and on the weekend you will find me brewing beer, cooking mash, and distilling craft spirits and moonshine

My love of home brewing led me to the craft of home distillation.  I purchased a 10 gallon all copper moonshine still from Clawhammer Supply a few years ago which changed my life forever. I fell in love with home distillation and I have been obsessed ever since. The history,  art, science, and the creativity of making craft spirits has taken over my life.

I did have one issue with my still. I did not have a way to properly regulate the temperatures during distillation. The internal controller on my electric hot plate would cycle off for too long causing the wash to cool down. I needed to find a better way to regulate/monitor and control the distillation process. I created the Electric Home Distillery Company to fill a need: To provide the highest quality, most affordable, electronic controller for the home distillation market.

I've spent the last few years perfecting the designs of the Electric Home Distillery controller. I've worked with still companies and have gathered a lot of information which I plan to share on this website. I want to share the knowledge I have gained and open the website to a discussion about making high quality moonshine and craft spirits at home.


Emmet Leahy


Our controllers monitor and regulate the temperature of the moonshine still during the entire distilling process. This keeps the moonshine still at the optimum temperature during the entire run producing a very clean final product.

Home Distillery Blog

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