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Tools Needed:

Parts to build an electric moonshine still controller with a PID


Make sure you have all of the parts before you start assembly. 


Components Included in the Kit

  • alarm and alarm sticker
  • alarm on/off switch and alarm on/off sticker
  • power on/off switch and power on/off sticker
  • Electric Home Distillery Logo
  • PID controller and wash temp sticker
  • 125 Volt, Flanged Inlet Receptacle
  • 125 Volt,  Flanged Outlet Receptacle
  • RTD sensor with 1/2 NPT Thread (thermometer)
  • Thermal Grease
  • Solid State Relay
  • Heat Sink
  • 6 sides of the custom case


  • sixteen 1 1/4 inch screws for the custom case
  • four 1/2 inch screws for the receptacles
  • two  1/2 inch screws to attach the the Heat Sink to the case
  • two 1/2 inch screws to attach the Solid State Relay to the heat sink

    Terminal Rings

    • 18 Blue Insulated Wiring Terminals (the smaller ones)
    • 4 Red Insulated Wiring Terminals
    • 2 Yellow Female Disconnects

    White Wires

    • one- 13.5"
    • one- 10" 
    • one-  8"
    • one-  2 1/2"
    • five-  6"

      Black Wires

      • one- 6" wire
      • one - 15" wire

        Green Wire

        • two - 4 1/2" wires

        Thin Wires

        • 2 Thin wires one is solid the other is Striped




        Assembling the Case:

        Dealing With Wires:

        Wiring The Components:

        Configuring the PID:


        Our controllers monitor and regulate the temperature of the moonshine still during the entire distilling process. This keeps the moonshine still at the optimum temperature during the entire run producing a very clean final product.

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